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Millions of Acres: Young Agrarians Needed
Introduction by Travis Forgues, dairy farmer/board member, Organic Valley

In the next 20 years, farmland ownership will shift on a continental scale—400 million acres, yet 70% of American farmland is owned by people 65 and older. How can we help young, motivated agrarians survive daunting structural obstacles and become successful farmers to whom retiring organic farmers can transmit their wisdom? How can we invest in the democratization of our land base? These questions drive Agrarian Trust, started by by Greenhorns founder Severine v T Fleming, one of the most dynamic leaders in the young farmers’ movement.

Our Generation Was Born To Change The World
Fourteen-year-old indigenous environmental activist and rapper Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, Youth Director of Earth Guardians, has organized rallies, actions, demonstrations and events, and spoken globally. His generation is rising up to defend our future.

CHLOE MAXMIN- Youth Leadership
Lessons from the Grassroots Climate Movement

An activist since age 12, Chloe co-founded Divest Harvard to pressure her college to disinvest from fossil fuel holdings, gaining international recognition for her effective activism.

Why People Need to Get Arrested: The Climate Crisis Requires Bold Action
A leader of the “Take Back Saint Louis” campaign to remove tax incentives to corporations profiting from climate change explores how to defeat the fossil fuel extraction industry.




Fossil Fuel Divestment
Students across the U.S. are mobilizing against climate disruption, demanding their institutions divest from fossil fuels and invest in sustainability. Learn resources, strategies and opportunities for young activists to engage with the fossil fuel divestment campaign. With: Chloe Maxmin and Arielle Klagsbrun, Brower Youth Award-winning leading climate activists.

Youth Stepping Up to Leadership—Strategies and Advice for Young Activists
Award-winning young environmental leaders share stories, challenges and successful strategies for environmental justice. Learn practical tips: how to initiate community environmental campaigns, rally support and resources, and make real change for a more sustainable future. With 2014 Brower Youth Award winners.

Destiny Arts Youth Performance Company

Map Your Future
How is your community vulnerable to climate disruption? Learn how to assess local vulnerabilities and assets and develop a career building community resilience. Learn how to use a Community Climate Assessment Tool, work with planners, and take concrete steps to build resilience in your community. Led by Bay Localize: Colin Miller, Program Manager; Corrine L. Van Hook, Communications/Outreach Manager.

Citizen Science: DIY Knowledge To and From the People
Activists, scientists and grassroots groups are leveraging new technology and collaborative networks to accurately monitor the quality of the environment, expose governmental and corporate abuses, and enable large-scale ecological research to understand the web of life in the age of climate disruption. Hosted by Teo Grossman, Bioneers Director of Strategic Network Initiatives. With: Severine v T Fleming, Farm Hack; Shannon Dosemagen, founder/President, New Orleans-based Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science; Brian Haggerty, co-designer, USA National Phenology Network, a multisectoral climate change research program using citizen scientists to monitor seasonal behavior of U.S. flora and fauna.

Youth Orientation
On Thursday night before the conference, meet other youth attending Bioneers and become a member of a small mentoring team to share, process and explore your Bioneers experience with your peers and an experienced mentor from Weaving Earth. Dinner will be served.

Community of Mentors Peer-to-Peer Council
Facilitated by Lauren Dalberth Hage and Dave Hage of Weaving Earth. Join your peers to explore your Bioneers experience. .

Community of Mentors Office Hours
Activist youth seeking guidance have the daily opportunity to be in small-group mentoring sessions with Bioneers presenters.

Native Youth Talking Circle
Hosted by Cara Romero (Chemehuevi); Tom Goldtooth (Dine’/Dakota), Executive Director of Indigenous Environmental Network; Xiuhtezcatl Martinez (Aztec).

The Youth of Color Caucus provides an outlet and safe space for youth of color to discuss concerns that affect the lives of individuals of color focusing on environmental justice issues like race and class, and race and oppression in relation to the mainstream environmental movement.

Trashion Show!
Truckee High’s Envirolution Club steals the show every year turning trash into high fashion with a serious environmental message.

Youth Poetry Slam
Young poets perform original work and compete for prizes determined by the audience. Hosted by Aaron Ableman, producer of Pacha’s Pajamas, an ecological musical for children.


Wiser Together Café: Partnering Across Generations
These interactive sessions offer facilitated intergenerational dialogue on themes emerging from the conference.

Singing Tree Collective Mural Project
This youth-led collaborative mural project invites everyone to create her/his own messages celebrating the Earth, unity and peace. Led by artist Laurie Marshall.

Digital Storytelling. Synergia Learning Ventures
Finding the Good Program brings its Mobile Interactive Classroom in which youth blog about their Bioneers experience in the computer lab, film interviews with speakers, and participate in the “Eyes of the Future” Project.” With Tom and Debra Weistar.


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