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Nutiva® is the world’s best-selling brand of nutritious and all-organic hemp foods, extra-virgin coconut oil, red palm oil and chia seeds. Dedicated to “nourishing people and planet,” we’ve donated $1 million dollars since 1999 by contributing 1 percent of sales to sustainable-agriculture groups. We’re revolutionizing the way the world eats!


As Organic Valley celebrates its 25th anniversary, our farmer-owned cooperative looks ahead to many more years of producing the highest quality organic products, nurturing health and harmony between human and natural communities, and supporting local economies by keeping milk in the region it was produced—from farm to shelf.

Eclectic believes in the mission and message of Bioneers, and we are proud to be one of its longest supporters. Founded by a naturopathic physician and started from within the clinic dispensary of the oldest naturopathic school, Eclectic Institute works with the healing power of nature to produce botanical products of the highest quality.

Cafe Mam (say "mom") is 100% organic and Fair Trade certified shade-grown Arabica coffee. Cafe Mam coffee is grown by farmers of Mayan descent on their own small farms in Chiapas, Mexico. Fresh-roasted to order.


Lotus Foods: Not Your Average Rice Company…

Pioneer in preserving Heirloom rice. Partner to Family Farms with organic, fair trade premiums. Activist for Climate-Smart rice–doubling, tripling yields with 50% less water, 80-90% less seed, no agrochemicals, and less work for women. That’s More Crop Per DropTM! Campaigner for Improved Health with high-antioxidant pigmented rice.


From the stadium to the symposium, from a cast of thousands to a single inspirational speaker, e2k applies creativity, state-of-the-art production systems, and technical expertise to every project. We strive to transform events into experiences, shows into magical moments, and clients into partners.

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