Donate a Scholarship

Help us bring diverse voices to the Bioneers 25th Anniversary Conference! Your donation funds scholarships for 400 inspiring young leaders, Indigenous people, people of color, low-income women, and community-based change-makers.

We are honored to remove financial barriers so that the next generation of leaders can come together at Bioneers to create an inclusive, life-affirming, just and healthy world we want!

Invest in a future Bioneer! Please give what you can and give generously. 

  • $75 -The grass roots power of many gifts adds up to big results. 
  • $500 – Congratulations.  You have single-handedly changed a life by fully funding a scholarship.
  • $5,000 – You are blazing a trail for at least 10 new bioneers from diverse backgrounds. Your impact on communities will be felt for a long time.


Want to attend the conference? Click here to register.


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