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A Love That Is Wild:
Why Wilderness Matters in the 21st Century
Introduction by Nina Simons

What might a different kind of power look and feel like, and can power be redistributed equitably, even beyond our own species? Conservationist, activist, and one of the nation’s most beloved and acclaimed authors, Terry Tempest Williams has been called "a citizen writer" who speaks eloquently for an ethical stance toward life, showing how environmental issues are social issues that become matters of justice. A scholar at the University of Utah and Dartmouth, she has been equally at home camping in the wilderness and being arrested for civil disobedience.


Science Fiction Envisions the World We Want
Bioneers Associate Producer J.P. Harpignies interviews Kim Stanley Robinson, among our most celebrated, award-winning science-fiction writers and the most ecologically conscious. The author of many classic works including the seminal Mars and Three Californias trilogies explores such topics as: how "eco-futurist fiction" seeks to identify today's most important trends; the power of dystopian and utopian memes; and how science fiction can contribute to helping us shape a desirable tomorrow.

Regeneration: Women of Color Healing through Nature, Art, Ritual, and Community
Very diverse women of color and indigenous women in Bay Area urban communities are drawing from their connection to Earth in highly creative ways to move toward personal and community healing and empowerment. Hosted by J. Phoenix Smith, Director, Back to Earth Outdoors, Orisha priestess. With: Catherine Herrera, Ohlone artist, filmmaker; Mira Manickam, environmental educator, multimedia artist, author; Brandi Mack, youth worker, gardener.


Climbing PoeTree
Activist-poets Alixa Garcia and Naima Penniman, an award-winning, leading-edge, powerful Brooklyn-based spoken-word duo.

Rachel Bagby
Renowned poet, singer, attorney, and organic farmer.

Tim Merry
incomparable “Slam Poet Harvester.”

Destiny Arts Youth Performance Company
The always amazingly dynamic and exhilarating Oakland-based troupe.

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez and Itzcuauhtli Roske-Martinez
Brother duo youth activist rappers.

Caroline Casey
Radio personality and “stand-up” astrologer activist.

Deb Lane and Afia Walking Tree

Sculptures, Art Installations and Demonstrations
Throughout the conference grounds.

Singing Tree Youth-led Collective Mural Project
An onsite live participatory youth mural project facilitated by Laurie Marshall.

Trashion Show
Produced by Truckee High School’s Envirolution Club , the show-stealing recycled trash fashion extravaganza.

Youth Poetry Slam
Hosted by Aaron Ableman.

Dance Party
The inimitable DJ Dragonfly.


The Hadza: Last of the First
This acclaimed film by Bill and Laurie Benenson (Dirt! The Movie) looks at human origins in Africa's Rift Valley, where one of the world's last remaining hunter-gatherer groups, the Hadza, have lived sustainably for 50,000 years. It presents intriguing theories about Homo sapiens’ evolution and origin, and the delicate balance of human aggression and cooperation at our core. With: the Hadza, Jane Goodall, Richard Wrangham (author of Catching Fire) and Wangari Maathai. (70 mins)

Amazon Gold
This disturbing account of a clandestine journey bears witness to the apocalyptic destruction of the rainforest in pursuit of illegally mined gold and its impact on indigenous peoples in the Amazon. Narrated by Academy Award winners Sissy Spacek and Herbie Hancock. Directed by Reuben Aaronson. (53 mins)

The Summer of Gods
A troubled girl unites with her Afro-Brazilian religious ancestry on a summer visit with family to their ancestral village in rural Brazil. This mystical adventure through a nearby forest initiates her into her grandmother's spiritual traditions. Directed by Eliciana Nascimento. (20 mins)

Dying to Know
After two Harvard professors began probing the edges of consciousness in the ‘60s, Timothy Leary ended up in jail while Richard Alpert became Ram Dass, spiritual teacher. Directed by Bioneers Board member Gay Dillingham and narrated by Robert Redford, the film features rare interviews spanning 50 years in an intimate portrait of an epic friendship that shaped a generation. It invites us to ponder questions about life, drugs and the biggest mystery of all: death. (95 minutes)

Beyond Right & Wrong: Stories of Justice and Forgiveness
In the stillness after conflict, after the blood dries and the screams fade, the memory of violence transforms survivors into prisoners of their own pain. How do whole societies recover from devastating conflict? This life-changing, multi-award-winning documentary explores the intersections of justice and forgiveness. Directed by Roger Spottiswoode and Lekha Singh.


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